Please list ideas and speakers for professional development:

Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee is the speaker I'm thinking we should bring in February. She has been an NAIS presenter for several years and below you will see two of her slide presentations on Identity Development and Culturally Responsive Classrooms:

Identity Development:
Culturally Responsive Classrooms:

Tolerance: Marc Elliot

Beverly Tatum, author of Can We Talk About Race? and "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?"

Below you'll find the preview and application for the People of Color Conference which takes place December 1-3, 2011. Mike will send two of us (one person other than myself). Please let me know if you are interested and available to attend:

Gary R. Howard is another speaker, maybe for next year to bring in for PD. You can check out his website at You can see him in action under the keynote tab.